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Monaco Manufacturing has been in the Solid Waste
Manufacturing industry since 1979, Tim Monaco
began working for McClain Industries in the positions
of Corporate Engineer,sales,Manufacturing and service,
Working with customers to solve any problem that arise,
The diversity in our individual experiences and our approach
of working through challenges play a critical role in our ability to make
important contributions to the manufacturing of solid waste
products.We have the flexibility of a small company to cater to your
special needs in a product.Where the talents and initiative are recognized
and rewarded and where teamwork creates vital heart beat of innovation.


Contact our sales department at (419) 295-5538 and ask for Tim Monaco to place your order for any of our waste handling equipment. Built to Last All of the waste handling equipment sold by MWE Monaco Mfg. is manufactured at our in-house plant using only the finest raw materials, including steel. Our experienced technicians cut, build, and weld each piece to ensure you receive a superior product. Maintenance & Repair Services Let MWE Monaco Mfg. help you maintain your waste handling equipment with our maintenance and repair services. If you have any broken or damaged equipment or parts for any products that fall within our spectrum, we'll quickly provide you with the repair or replacement services you require to get your equipment working again.

Our Product
  1. Double wall roll off container,monacomfg,monaco
    Double wall roll off container
  2. Double wall roll off container,monaco mfg,monaco
    Double wall roll off container